Going Green option at Torreano Reporting and Video

It’s actually a deliverable option that can save our clients money. Common practice is to deliver a hard copy transcript to our clients.  The Going Green option allows our clients to download the transcript and exhibits from our repository.  Additionally, the transcript is digitally certified. Then they can either view or print the transcripts in condensed or full version format. You may wonder if any money is actually saved, since the product will be more than likely printed out by the client.  We provide our clients a discount on our regular page rate when they decide to Go Green.  We can do this, because we eliminate the process of printing, binding and shipping the transcript.  There’s also a savings in the cost of shipping the certified transcript.  More and more of our clients are choosing the Go Green option, and are happy with the savings and results.

Never fear. We still provide an original hard copy transcript to the setting attorney for filing in court. So let us know if you’re interested and we’ll provide you with additional details.

Torreano Reporting and Video regularly serves clients in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Oakland and all Northern California. Our Going Green option helps us be very efficient as we serve our clients nationwide and those with multiple office locations.

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