Videoconferencing Services

Economical meetings at a distance

We make it easy for our clients to have a deposition without having to travel. Torreano Reporting and Video offers a worldwide selection of videoconferencing centers. Our state-of-the-art conference rooms and videoconferencing services produce instantaneous broadcast-quality video, allowing for the rapid transfer of images, sound and documents via point-to-point or a multi-user conference system.

We have access to videoconference rooms throughout the world. Save time and money by using our facilities. Our team can quickly schedule your videoconference deposition within a day of your request.
Videoconferencing is the smart choice for any deposition or meeting requiring extensive travel.

Image of a videoconference

Benefits of Videconferencing

  • Save money on travel and lodging
  • Affordable rates
  • Meet face-to-face without the usual travel expenses and down time.
  • All connections tested in advance
  • Dedicated conference rooms with the latest technology

Teleconferencing Made Easy

We offer our clients a cost effective alternative with telephone conferencing. Our experienced court reporters routinely report teleconferenced depositions from our meeting room locations or our clients’ facilities.

Teleconferenced meetings are popular choice saving our clients valuable travel time.

telephone a table in a meeting room

Benefits of Teleconferencing

  • Savings. Reduced travel expense.
  • Saves time. Participate from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Flexibility. Join the conference when necessary.
  • Fast. Schedule minutes or hours ahead of time instead days or weeks.