California Video Transcription Services

Digital video synchronized to the transcript allows legal professionals the ability to quickly access, edit and present video deposition clips with little to no computer expertise. Our production team will ensure that your video is properly synced to the transcript.

Benefits of Video to Transcript Synchronization

  • Organize your case easily and more thoroughly
  • Quickly access critical information from video depositions
  • View transcript and video side by side
  • Search key words, page and line numbers
  • Edit and present video clips
  • View exhibits on screen with the exhibit linking function

By using the InData software we ensure optimum results every time.

A video linked to the transcript can be an important tool that may be crucial to the outcome of your case. Call us for more information.

InData Software Simplicity

Image of Video Synch output using InData

Video Synch Demonstration

The video shows well at Full Screen and at 480p or higher. Also, make sure you adjust the volume in the lower left corner of your screen. Once you click on Play, you may need to wait a few seconds for your Internet connection to adjust focus, and negotiate up to this higher resolution.