About Us

Torreano Reporting and Video is an independent agency providing first-rate court reporting, legal videography, and language interpreting services. Founded by Peter Torreano (CSR, CRR) in 2006, the firm is a full-service court reporting firm that is committed to producing accurate and timely transcripts of depositions, hearings, arbitrations, interviews, and meetings. We also provide transcription of audio or videotapes. At Torreano Reporting and Video we are committed to excellent service.

Certified Reporters


Our firm has a team of experienced Certified Shorthand Reporters able to meet the most demanding of reporting requirements. We use experienced Certified Shorthand Reporters (CSR) with varying specialties, including CRR (Certified Realtime Reporters), RMR (Registered Merit Reporters), and RPR (Registered Professional Reporters). Our reporters belong to one or more of the following organizations for continuing education and license maintenance and certification: NCRA (National Court Reporters Association), CALDRA (California Depositions Association) and CCRA (California Court Reporters Association).

In-House Videography


Our in-house legal videographers have years of experience videotaping depositions, trials, day in the life, site inspections, wills and settlements. The firm utilizes the latest technology with both 3-D chip and CCD digital cameras, time/date stamping, multi-channel audio mixers, omnidirectional microphones, multi-disc duplicators, video/transcript synchronization, and video editing equipment. Our in-house staff can provide all video in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formatting.



Reporters and videographers have covered all kinds of cases, including depositions, hearings, arbitrations, conventions, trials, investigations, interviews, meetings and transcriptions of audio and videotapes.

Accurate Results


Quality control is very important.  Staff is cross-trained and retrained on all processes to ensure optimal results.